• Smart LED lighting - Remote ON/OFF Control, On Demand Lighting.
  • Environment Sensing Systems - Sensor modules including but not limited to Pressure Sensors, Water Level Detectors, weather monitoring and Humidity sensors.
  • Emergency Sensing and Activating Systems - Alarms, Sirens, Alert Messages.
  • Digital Signage – HDMI Displays, Advertisements, News, Emergency Alerts.
  • Push to Talk Services – Routing to Emergency lines (Medical Services, Fire Stations, Police Stations)
  • CPS (Connected Placement Speakers)- Public Announcements, Alerts, Advertisements etc.

Automotive IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment)

Automotive IVI has world class provision of Android based user experience in vehicle which include
  • In-car Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • In-car Navigation and Maps.
  • Rich Audio and Video experience.
  • In-car Video streaming for rear seats.
  • ADAS with 360 degree in-car outside view.
  • Radar based vehicle detection and advance braking systems.
  • Easy to locate disaster management service apps.
  • Much more…

Automotive Telematics

As part of SMART infrastructure for SMART cities, Sign Vision has built Big data and Cloud services to integrate our SMART telematics services. We take pride to support services including
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication.
  • Vehicle to SMART lighting communication.
  • Vehicle to traffic communication.
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure.
  • Vehicle to cloud.
  • Advance transportation system.
  • Transport fleet management services.

Smart Industrial Systems

  • Industry 4.0 and M2M Communication
  • Emergency Sensing and Activating Systems- Alarms, Sirens, Alert Messages
  • Smart Traffic Management systems incorporated according to Client requirement
  • Environment Sensing/Activating System
  • Automated Production Line management Services based on client requirement
  • Smart Security and Surveillance- Real Time Employee /Line monitoring systems
  • Employee Management Services- Including but not limited to employee Id card verification
  • Supply chain management services
  • Inventory management and control services

Smart Homes

  • M2M Communication
  • Home Appliance Control- Remote ON/OFF Control for effective energy management
  • Lighting Control- Remote ON/OFF control
  • Smart Security and Surveillance- Real Time Home monitoring systems and Intrusion detection
  • Electricity/Water Management services
  • Push to Talk Services- Routing to Emergency lines (Medical Services, Fire Stations, Traffic Patrols, Police Stations)
  • Heating/Cooling System Controls

E-Health Services

  • Inventory Management- Demand and supply management of Hospital and Pharmacy stock
  • Physician- Laboratory Interface for easier Patient report management services
  • Insurance- Hospital Interface for secured finance clearance
  • Ambulance- Hospital Coordination along with smart Traffic options to handle efficient patient transport methods
  • Wireless Implantable Medical Devices
  • Patient Monitoring and Alarm Systems for secured and effective patient emergency support.
  • Diagnostic Equipment Control Systems.
  • Customer Management Services to take care of patient records, follow-up procedure management etc.
  • Emergency/Security and Surveillance, Push to Talk services

Smart Agriculture & Livestock Management

  • M2M Communication
  • Weather/ Environment Monitoring sensors for efficient Farming process development
  • Electricity and Water Control for energy efficiency and cost control
  • Integrated Network between Agro Product Suppliers/Manufacturers and Farming/Livestock communities.
  • Training and Research support using Data collection methods from Agro and Livestock sites.
  • Real time livestock monitor using Animal tracking systems


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